Homeschool Evaluations, K-12

1. Email me here . Ask me any questions you have about the process, and if I seem like a good fit for your family, we can schedule a meeting date. Scheduling usually happens in late winter/early spring. You'll receive my evaluation guide within 24 hours.

2. At our meeting, I will interview you and your child, look at your materials, and your attendance log. It should take about half an hour, plus 5 minutes or so for each additional child.

3. For elementary students, I will create and sign a short evaluation form for your child within 24 hours, which you will submit to your school district by your deadline. If your student is in high school, we will discuss your needs, a timeframe, and a price, based on the age of your student, affiliation with a diploma program, etc.

4. Elementary evaluations are $30.00 for your first child, and $10.00 for each additional child, with an additional fee of $10.00 for appointments at your home.

With 6 years secondary teaching experience plus 3 years teaching elementary, I am certified to evaluate students in all grades, K-12, IN PA.

The Process:

Evaluation Philosophy

As a relatively new homeschooling family, it wasn't so long ago that we first met with our evaluator. I worried if our daughter's work samples would show enough progress, if my logs were sufficient, and if my daughter would answer her interview questions in a grade appropriate fashion! My evaluator put me at ease from the beginning, and it is my goal to do the same.

You are the administrator of your homeschool and the best judge of your child's annual progress. My role is simply to make sure your homeschool is in compliance with the law; by verifying your reading and attendance logs, briefly interviewing your child, and viewing some of your work samples from your school year. My hope is that you come to your evaluation excited to share these and just a few of your highlights with me.

I'm affiliated with 2 Pennsylvania diploma programs: Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers Association and Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency.